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Will CEA need frontier crops to diversify?

Joseph Chidiac of CultiBio takes an in-depth look at how hydroponics, systems innovation, and technology create unprecedented opportunities for future food supply.

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Our vision for this webinar series

At Bluelab, we believe in elevating the standard of growing into an art form. Our vision is of a healthier world, free of pesticides, reduced water usage, and fewer food miles.  

Discover more about how we plan to educate and empower the controlled environment agriculture growers of the future.

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Is indoor farming actually sustainable?

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Julia Kurnik of World Wildlife Fund and Eric Ellestad of 80 Acres take an in-depth look at WWF’s CEA report and predict what growers need to succeed in the future of indoor, soilless agriculture. 

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Can we grow more food with less resources? 

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Derek Smith of Resource Innovation Institute and Matt Mickens of Elevate Farms explore how to make indoor farming operations more efficient. And they share simple facility benchmarks to boost production.

NASA On Demand 18 May

Is NASA accelerating the future of food?

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Our NASA panellists Jeff Kohler, Megan Victor, and Monsi Roman present the need for innovative and sustainable food systems to support fresh foods grown in space and resource-scarce regions worldwide.