Will CEA need frontier crops to diversify?

Joseph Chidiac of CultiBio takes an in-depth look at how hydroponics, systems innovation, and technology create unprecedented opportunities for future food supply.

Now available on-demand

This June 2021 webinar is now available on-demand. Don't miss JC's predictions for the future of hydroponics and CEA.

March 31, 2022


Introducing new techniques and crop varieties

JC walks us through best practices and real-world case studies with farms and facilities across the globe using hydroponics and soil-less growing to perfect crop performance.


Engineering innovations and system design

Explore new cultivation approaches, including Deep Flow Technique (DFT) and Shallow Aero Ebb-and-Flow (SAEF), that help you grow more sustainably, efficiently, and with greater profitability.

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Joseph Chidiac, M.Sc. Horticulture, B.Sc. Biological Engineering

JC realizes that growing crops in the 21st century is a unique challenge but also an unprecedented opportunity. He believes in the power of nature and human ingenuity. And, he shares his passion for the science behind natural systems and engineering methods with growers around the world. He founded CultiBioengineering in 2017 to specialize in optimizing cultivation systems for efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. JC is a popular speaker, teacher, and research author, completing his studies at the University of Arkansas and the Lebanese American University.

What you’ll learn

High Tech Horticulture

HIgh Tech Horticulture

Evaluate business opportunities to introduce new, experimental crops.

Nutrient Balance

Nutrient Balance

Discover new techniques to maintain critical parameters and healthy plants.

Monitoring Crop Performance

Monitoring Crop Performance

Incorporate new technologies and controls to improve profitability.

Moving towards Net Zero

Moving towards Net Zero

Learn how to improve natural resource use and efficiencies.

New Design Approaches

New Design Approaches

Investigate new systems and innovations for better crop outcomes and yields.

Crop Consistency and Controls

Year-Round Production

Scale your grow with crop rotations, whether commercial or at home.