Can we grow more food with less resources?

Derek Smith of Resource Innovation Institute and Matt Mickens of Elevate Farms explore how to make indoor farming operations more efficient.


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March 31, 2022


Natural resources efficiency 

Derek and Matt share proven methodologies and critical metrics to sustain our food supply and the availability of locally grown, fresh, and nutritious produce.


Connecting tech and data to your growing environment

See how emerging technologies help boost crop performance today. Anunderstand how they will shape the future of commercial cultivation and facilities design.


Matthew Mickens, PhD

Dr. Matthew Mickens is the Chief Science Officer of Elevate Farms, which is an up-and-coming launcher of indoor vertical farms globally. Elevate Farms’ system aims to deliver pesticide-free and chemical-free produce at mass scale that is larger, tastes better, and has higher nutritional content than traditionally-grown leafy greens – all at a lower cost and without pesticides or chemicals. Previously, Matt was a Plant Scientist at NASA Kennedy Space Center where he produced ground-breaking publications on LED lighting recipes for salad crops grown aboard the International Space Station and beyond.


Derek Smith

Derek Smith is Executive Director of Resource Innovation Institute, a non-profit organization advancing efficiency in resource-intensive agricultural sectors to cultivate a more resilient future. Before RII, Derek led Clean Energy Works, recognized as one of the most successful American Recovery & Reinvestment Act ("stimulus") programs. He has directed energy programs for the City of Portland and created an award-winning corporate sustainability program for a national retailer. Derek has testified to the US Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee and briefed the US Secretary of Energy.

What you’ll learn

Must-Have Metrics

Must-Have Metrics

Evaluate your operations and SOPs to identify new areas to improve.


Sustainability Models

Discover how your peers innovate and adapt to become more resource-efficient.

Operations Efficiencies

Operations Efficiencies

Manage costs, crop performance, and yield forecasts for higher profitability.


Benchmarks and Best Practices

Create clear processes for measuring, monitoring, and reporting.

Facility Improvements

Simple Facility Improvements

Explore new technologies that save your teams more time and money.

Crop Consistency and Controls

Crop Consistency and Controls

Integrate new technologies to produce higher quality, healthier and foods.